A magical accident, poker chose me late. Alongside my writing life, I soon became a devoted grinder, having cut my teeth on New York's underground cash scene. Clearly someone sprinkled fairy dust on me cause several world-class coaches have already shaped my game—three-time champion Matt Matros; author and poker brainiac Ed Miller; and the legendary master of mindfulness Tommy Angelo. 


My essay "Poker For Girls," published on captures my passion for the game. I also authored The Total Poker Manual for the publisher Weldon Owen—a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, illustrated text covering five variations and sponsored by CardPlayer Magazine. I edited Ed Miller's 9th book The Course, a truly innovative guide for cash grinders everywhere.  

Through social media, I devote myself to women’s issues, and do what I can to help girl grinders get comfortable on the felt. I blog on women's issues and more, for the training site Red Chip Poker, and for the online journal PokerNews


My story is unusual. I was honored by the many invitations to share it. My podcast hosts included: ThinkingPoker; PokerNews; Postflop Poker; Just Hands Poker; Rec Poker; Red Chip Poker; House of Cards Radio; and Jeremy Jones.